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GibberDoc v0.1a

This is a raw alpha version to concept a document generator. I didn't actually expect it to be as popular as to people asking me for a codeplex! So here it is.

  • Plain text destination folder
  • Amount of paragraphs per document
  • Min ~ Max sentences per paragraph
  • Quantity of documents to generate
  • Boolean whether to user business orientated nouns or generic
  • Open word lists, to allow custom word inclusion

Note: Being basically a zip file, getting a file of a certain size is always an approximation. There are diminished returns on paragraph and sentence length. However some formats that I plan to introduce in the future will allow me to approximate these lengths and give larger file sizes (Such as PDFs, TIFFs etc). For now, the use of paragraph and sentence length should suffice.

Update 9/12/2013
  • Added folder browser feature
  • Added error checking for output folder location
  • Added progress bar

Please feel free to submit feature requests and suggestions, and also please read the Licence information before download.

The code is for vs2012 but a compiled version is available for download below as a 7zip archive. I will provide a MSI installer should I reach a beta version.

Download Alpha .7z here:

7zip can be downloaded here if you don't have it: (Best zip program on the web in my book)

About me:
I am a SharePoint Architect at UniTech Ltd Edinburgh. Sometimes I have a weird idea when I am board at home and decide to make it into a tool I can use at work and to share. Well these stupid ideas are starting to come out of the cupboard and onto the internet. So expect a lot more!

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